The Falcons Training

The Falcons are a competitive kickboxing club, and train twice weekly to maintain high levels of fitness, retain and gain agility and to constantly learn and improve new combative skills and techniques.

Training consists of an invigorating 30 minute fitness session, which helps strengthen core muscles, increase physical and mental awareness, and build up an amazing level of stamina.

Fitness is then followed by students practicing and learning attacking and defensive moves, punching, kicking and throwing, often with the use of focus mits and kick shields.

Students will then be given the opportunity to engage in a light sparring session to practice their newly learnt skills in an actual fight scenario.


Junior Class : Monday & Wednesday 1730 - 1830
Adult Beginners Class : Tuesday 1830 - 1930
Novice & Advance Adults Class : Monday & Wednesday 1900 - 2000

Sparing Sessions

Juniors Sparing Class : Friday 1700 - 1800
Adults Sparing Class : Friday 1800 - 1900